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We live in a world where sanity is no longer common. Where what is well mocked and what is stupid is Praised. A world full of people so sensitive that they forget that they are not the center of the Universe. How is the old proverb going? “please Correct a wise man and he will love you.” Correct a fool and he will hate you. “you live in the worst of times, but You’re also living in the best times. Ironically isn’t it? Never is there so much chance. And never is there so many self-centered narcissists get in the Way. Trust me. If you have a million dollar someone close to you right now is ready to deceive you and steal from You. It might be a family member… maybe a supposed friend. When you rise up you will be misunderstood. You would be called Names. As Gandhi said, “first they’ll ignore you, then they’ll laugh at you, then they’ll hate you.” ” And only if you have the power to persevere, you go to the final stage: if they love you. They will love you for your strength and for your good heart that reaches out to help them. When you oppose the status quo, you will be called a liar, a fool, a Scam. The great people of our world, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi, resisted the system and they were shot in the head for it. While I wish that on no one, you must be prepared for the fight and the Fight. Remember what Thoreau said, “the Mass of men leads a life of Silent Despair. What is called dismissal is confirmed Despair. ” Rise up in spite of the despair of the Masses. As I popped into the world of social media a few years ago I expected people to embrace the concept of books and Self-study. and, I thought a formal education will give you a living, but self-education can make you a fortune. But I forgot the power of the status Quo. The system surprised Me. I took $100 and made $10 Million. I thought to share the story of growing up with a single mom in a trailer while my dad was jail… or my story of living in a mobile home to a home in Beverly Hills – I thought these stories might inspire Those who feel lost, hopeless and Forgotten. But as you will learn when you get up, the jealous/sensitive idiots always lurk near ready to take apart any perceived flaw in your success. That’s the bad news for what you should expect in your Life. But I have good news. The best news is that from the seemingly forgotten place will come to a whole group of amazing people who support your vision for the world and will contribute to your goals. So I say all this for a reason. Continue to work on your Plan. Even when those closest to you betray you or leave you down. But don’t be afraid to Change. Change is not your enemy. Change in Progress. Learning Machine. Finish what you have Started. Stop Procrastination. Stop being overly anxious. Pick up a book you have meaning to Read. Put that idea in your head in a part-time company to get you multiple sources of Income. Send a nice gift to that friend who has always had your back. And most of all, move so confident that eventually, your haters will start asking if you hire.

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