Hello … as a smart operator, you know that some people quietly make money with YouTube… but do you realize how much that can be?

For example, one stay-at-home mother put up a few videos and showed how she shaped her daughter’s hair, which quickly went viral.   

How – many more videos later – the channel, “Cute Girl Hairstyles,” makes about a MILLION dollars a year (and that’s low because other channels bring in THREE MILLION dollars a year). From the laptop of Mike Williams

You see, there is a science behind every successful venture – whether it’s to make Neil Armstrong on the moon, bake a cake or make money with YouTube.   

Use the right recipe and you will be successful every time. But throw a few random ingredients in a bowl and you just get a sticky mess.

And it’s exactly the same with YouTube: if you follow a proven formula, you can almost certainly guarantee success.

So if you fail to create a really engaging and SEO-friendly title or fail to make a powerful description or fail to set your keywords and tags (and get your video downgraded) then you can never enjoy those wonderful YouTube paydays.

And here’s just a small peek into the amazing insider secrets I’ll share with you in meticulous, bite-sized video tutorials, which includes everything you need for YouTube success …

  • How to access five to 25 MILLION YouTube videos for free (no copyright issues and nothing to pay – ever! ).
  • How to earn on every video – And get paid,  deposited directly into your bank account every month.
  • Smart ways to reuse these videos for your own use – yes, it’s completely legal and completely within YouTube’s TOS (they even offer a built-in video editor).
  • How can you save countless hours by making your own videosbecause you simply don’t have to?
  • The great power of the YouTube editing package (plus the little-known trick of getting YouTube videos made for you, using your own photos).
  • How to access thousands of hours of free music (no royalties … no copyright issues … no hassle).
  • The street-wise way to get good keyword ideas.
  • If you do NOT use the free music facility on YouTube – do not miss this, as it will prevent you from losing money!
  • Reverse engineering of one of my top rated videos. Pay close attention to my shoulder, because I show you the various reasons why this video scores so high, and I have already received 543,271 views and counting.
  • What’s in a title? In a word – everything! So I’ll show you the simple but very effective way to create the perfect eye-ball-grabbing title that you will get high in the search results.
  • How to get your video on the first page of the searches (the only thing that is needed is this three-second trick).
  • The FATAL mistakes people make with their video descriptions and how you won’t make them – once you know the secrets.
  • The ideal number of words for your main keyword (plus the perfect place to place them).
  • The essential addition to your description that few people knowbut it gives a huge boost to your rankings.
  • How to prevent YouTube from penalizing you for incorrectly setting your keywords and tags (ignore this at your own risk).
  • How to communicate with your channel subscribers – it’s all about the right timing.
  • The smart way to significantly increase your YouTube revenue.
  • The essential art of creating the right tags (it’s very important that you this properly, so you increase your position and stay on the good side of YouTube).
  • How you can increase your views – without resorting to those ‘black hat’ shenanigans that will eventually make you BANNED.
  • How you can easily ‘spy’ your competitors’ videos by reverse engineering them (and stealing valuable information to improve your own rankings).
  • Let YouTube advertise your site for FREE.
  • Get more subscribers (because the more subscribers you have, the better you’ll be ranked).
  • Thumbnail mastery (you get the inside track when creating and controlling this vital viewer magnet).
  • Where do your views come from? All over the world!
  • Functions (and how to use your own custom thumbnail).
  • Devices – these give you an enormous amount of detail that you can use to make some crucial adjustments that increase your income.
  • The free website that reveals the huge amounts of money that ordinary people have made on YouTube.
  • The smart but simple way to make sure you have the first four or five spots on the right-hand side  (which significantly increases your overall image).
  • Playlists – and how you can use them optimally.
  • Keep your audience – absolutely VITAL, because it’s the most important way YouTube assesses how good your video is (and whether it’s worth promoting it).
  • Involvement Another important value with which YouTube determines the value of your video.
  • Comments and comment settings (and how they control you and increase your reach and involvement).
  • Analytics. Why these should never be ignored (and why it will never start too soon).
  • Demographics, absolutely necessary. Because you need to know who your viewers are so that you can give them what they want.
  • How to write amazing descriptionsit doesn’t get much easier than this!
  • The biggest FATAL mistake you will ever make with YouTube. (Yes, everyone does it – but that doesn’t make any sense if you get caught.)
  • 17 PDFs to add the final details, regarding points that are best written instead of the videos

A recent screenshot of my earnings:

and to help you claim your share of this bonanza, I’ve created a simple program so you can look over my shoulder and see exactly how I initially set up my YouTube channel to maximize views and Reaching commitment and how about 30 minutes a week is enough to earn serious money with YouTube and soon like me you can earn money with YouTube and hundreds of our members who signed up and now make thousands of dollars every month on YouTube.

* This estimates your income after the YouTube cut. (Although YouTube has traditionally kept its share of advertising revenue secret, it is now common knowledge that Google keeps 45% of advertising revenue on YouTube, so you receive 55% of every dollar paid by advertisers) It’s for you if you want to earn money with YouTube.

And I have prepared it carefully to make it a brainer, even if you are a complete rookie …bit And if you are a more experienced player, it also has enough little known tips and tricks to amaze and surprise you…Mike, although I originally made my videos for YouTube, it was your course that helped me improve my YouTube channel views.

In the beginning, I didn’t get many views, but after that, I applied your instructions and since then I went to my opinion. I also improved when creating better thumbnails, thank you very much.

And it can even give you the opportunity to earn the very first YouTube income you’ve ever enjoyed – even after years of ZEROS destruction by the soul …And much, MUCH more …Click here to make money today with YouTube!

And here are some of the kind comments I received from my valued customers about my program.

  1. I was up and made money on my own videos within a day of completing Mike’s very comprehensive course.
  2. Mike clearly explains how you can easily and quickly set up a YouTube channel and fill it with edited videos and earn money with it. I found the course very informative, easy to follow and well worth the investment of time and money. Thank you, Mike!
  3. Mike guides you step by step in creating your channel and only advises you on steps that have worked for him. A doer is always the best teacher.
  4. Mike Williams’s course on earning money on YouTube is thorough, understandable, and user-friendly. He offers valuable insights into how YouTube works and ways to get high rankings and many views to earn money. I recommend this course to anyone interested in earning money on their own channel on YouTube.
  5. Some people are vague, but Mike Williams assumes you know nothing and shows each step clearly. I have no doubt that anyone who looks at his secrets and applies his secrets will also earn thousands of dollars a month on youtube.

Click here to make money with YouTube today!

Because you can see how – once my secrets are your secrets – you can easily enter a new world of YouTube success.

So you are probably concerned about how much you have to invest to access my program.

Originally I was thinking about holding a live seminar when I could already reveal my secrets to you, face to face.

Then you would have further costs of your travel expenses and – possibly – overnight accommodation.

And I hope you can write quickly because you have to scrape abundant notes in an effort not to forget vital secrets. And I really hope that your handwriting is better than mine, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to read what you’ve written!

But then I had a much better idea …

Instead, I created a membership site with 46 short, bite-sized videos about every aspect you need to make this a real success.

And to put everything together, there are 17 short PDFs with notes that fill in gaps.

And in addition to that through training, you also enjoy regular updates, tools, and resources, plus a mastermind forum and – something that is not possible at a live event – one-on-one private consultations to ensure your success.

That means you get everything you need for your YouTube success for a fraction of the cost of traveling to a live event.

And it will also be much more convenient for you. Because instead of begging work and spending a whole day going through the whole method, you can go through the program at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, a cup of coffee – or something nice – on your when it suits you.

And if a section is of particular interest to you, repeat it as many times as you want (imagine that you ask for something that you can repeat multiple times during a LIVE event!).

But just before I reveal the size of your investment to unlock these secrets, I want to make one thing very clear … I take ALL risks here.

See, I can tell you how great my program is. And my delighted customers can also tell you about their success.

But NOTHING is better than proving yourself how good it is.

So – that is my confidence that you will like my program – I have ensured that you have a full seven-day trial period for just a SINGLE DOLLAR.

My system is so simple and fast that it is reasonable to expect that you will have published and seen – and even see that the money is coming – before you have to decide.  

I am sure you will appreciate how much money you guarantee I earn: “If YouTubeSecrets.com does not bring you money with youtube, please let me know within sixty days and I will gladly refund your membership. No questions.”

I have found that this is one of the easiest and most fun ways to make money online today (mainly because I can spend more time with my family and interact with friends and still have time for my other hobbies besides YouTube) watch videos). You can also have this life. Start NOW and click the Merge Now button to get started.

You will be the one who shows the checks to your unbelieving friends!

Because you can … Continue as before, wonder if it’s really possible to make money online in general and with YouTube, and probably waste money on those ultra-alluring offers of push button software that claim to make you rich with little or no effort.

You can make a wise choice and realize that my program – which neatly makes the step to the necessity of actually making your own videos – is as effortless as you will ever get if it is really a viable and practical method that really brings home the bacon.

It sounds like your choice is simple. So I am really looking forward to welcoming you on board!

Success always

Mike Williams

YouTube Secrets

PS The only way you can discover how wonderful it can be to get started today. We promise you a 100% money-back guarantee within 100 days! That is how confident we are of this AWESOME system. You can make money with youtube in minutes, even when you are in India, Canada or even Singapore! That’s the beauty of the internet, it’s a 24-hour global GOLD MINE! You can work when you want and how you want.

PPP You do not have to make a decision now, except to start your 7-day trial today, then you can make an informed decision to continue once you have given a good test.

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