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Some Of The Benefits From Working At Home!

No more busy buses or trains. No more annoying traffic jams. Back in my office job, I have always hated this part of my day the most. I found it very stressful and depressing. You will be surrounded early in the morning by the tired, frustrated and stressed faces of all daily commuters, especially on a Monday morning. How should you keep your good mood?! This is not the way I want to start my days. Working from home is a brilliant way to avoid the daily commuting.

Save time, First of all, you don't spend time in the bathroom getting ready in the morning. And since you no longer have to commute, you also save a lot of time. If you are not in the lucky position to live next to your office, do you have to spend something? 30 minutes, an hour, two hours?! Every day on commuting. That is crazy! Just think about what you could do with that time. Sleep a little longer, walk fast, breakfast long. I certainly know how to do much better things with my time.

Save money,  And of course, you also save money when you no longer have to commute. No tickets for public transportation or gas bills. Maybe you no longer need your car? That would certainly save you a lot of money. You also save money because you no longer need to buy business clothing and you can prepare your own food instead of using expensive cafeterias. This is really true!

Comfortability, Goodbye suit, and tie, hello joggers and jumper! You don't have to do your hair or put on makeup. If you have a bad day, feel a cold, wrap yourself in a blanket and work from a comfortable chair. But beware, your productivity can have too much comfort, so don't go crazy too often.

Flexible working hours, If you are a freelancer or a business owner, you can probably choose your own working hours. Even many companies let their external employees decide when they want to work. This means that you can work when you are the most productive. For some people that is in the morning, others prefer to work late into the night. You finally start working at your own pace. Of course, you are also more flexible in terms of private appointments. The appointment of a doctor at 10 am? No problem! Hairdresser at 14:00? Of course.

More time with family, Because you no longer have to waste your valuable time for commuting, you can also spend it with your family or friends. If you have a flexible work schedule, you can also look at the children in the morning and move your work to the afternoon, if there is no other way. You can also go to school events that you had previously missed due to your work. Or you can meet your friend who has to do shift work and is therefore difficult to meet.

Some disadvantages:

Although you will occasionally have phone calls and online meetings with your customers or team members, you will be home alone most of the time. No quick coffee breaks, no lunch together, no exchanging weekend plans with your colleagues. The lack of social interactions can be very difficult for some people.

Hard to switch off
You sleep at home. You work at home. Sometimes it is difficult to separate for private and business purposes. You are not dependent on office hours and you can literally work from early in the morning until late in the evening. Your whole life revolves around your work. If you love your work, you may not see it as a disadvantage in the beginning. But soon you could burn out because work and private life became one.

Lots of distractions
Just do the laundry quickly, do the shopping, clean the house and maybe watch the latest episode of your favorite Netflix series? Potential distractions are everywhere when you work from home. It really takes a lot of discipline to focus on your work and get things done.

Lack of productivity
Along with the problem of distraction goes the reduced productivity. It's great if you don't have a boss who looks over your shoulder all day. But some people won't be able to get a lot of work without that little pressure. Either there are too many distractions or a lack of motivation or the missing feeling that this is actually a working day - productivity can be a big problem when working from home.

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