Vacuum Cleaner To Think About

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Vacuum Cleaner To Think About.


Some Great Customer reviews For this Vacuum:

It is a nice little machine. I used it a lot. Keep the lights on the front and the engine head is not too big to fit under sideboards and other furniture. I also think that the attachments are full size and do a good job. I wish the battery life was longer. I think I should buy another battery. That's a good thing, you can switch to a new battery when needed. I would recommend it to others who do not want to spend a lot on a Dyson. I only use it for two weeks and hope it stays good because I really like this vacuum!

This cleaner works much better than other brands that I bought earlier. It is wireless, so I do not have to switch to different outlets while cleaning in different rooms. There is light on the head of the vacuum cleaner, which I found very useful because it can clearly show me where the dirt is. And it can solve the "hair problem" in my bedroom. The hair is sucked up and curled on the pipe at the end of the handle, which can then be easily removed. Really worth the money!

I was overjoyed when this arrived this morning. We have moved from a house covered with carpet to all hardwood floors, we have 2 dogs and a 7-year-old - so you can imagine the dust, dirt, and hair that ends up on our floors. I charged it for 100% and started using it. I was so let down because it died after use in a room and a hallway. I recharged it, put the timer on my phone and used it on the stairs - almost 4 minutes later and it is dead again. It really left me because I tell you about the pros. It makes it very clean, I mean very well. I love the LEDs at the front because it is on the spot where I have not used it yet.

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